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CRM Customisation and Data Cleanse Project

Thinking of a New CRM System for Your Company or Upgrading Your Existing One – Read how we can assist you with CRM Implementation

Aligning Sales and Marketing means CRM and digital marketing need to be correctly customised and working with high quality data sets.

Many companies have deployed CRM systems over the past decade with varying levels of success. The original CRM may have been acquired for the sales team; others are an extension of the ERP system. A common problem for all CRM is the escalation of bad data and how much it can be costing your company.

Our client is a managed IT support service provider company operating with a well-known sales CRM SaaS software platform. They had originally had someone assist in designing the system to suit their typical industry sales process with an out of the box solution. Over time the volume of data increased, and the system reported over 30,000 records.

The company strategy required a more aligned sales and marketing effort to be competitive in the market. The new strategy focused marketing on generating more qualified sales leads and increase customer retention and engagement.

Sales Focus Advisory was engaged to lead the digital marketing strategy and alignment of sales and identified the CRM project as central to their overall objectives.

The results

  • CRM customisation providing sales and marketing to identify and segment prospective customers for targeting
  • Continuous improvement of data numbers and data integrity
  • Improved quality with 98% deliverable email on 32,000 records
  • Increased campaign efficiencies and response rates
  • Increased qualified sales lead generation by 219%
  • Increased sales revenue and lead conversion

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