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When Marketing Suffocates Business Growth

cover page of a case study Marketing Suffocate Business Growth

Do You Have Concerns Over the Performance of Your Marketing Performance – A Marketing Audit Will Establish Your Priorities

Set in their ways and believing it was the market and not how they operated this company suffered.

A once successful construction company struggled to retain annual revenues and over four years had retracted by 25%, and profits had disappeared. The company struggled to identify the issues internally, and although investing heavily in marketing, the deterioration continued. Some company executives believed it was a sales-related problem, while others thought it was marketing. The outcome was marketing suffocates the business with the wrong strategy and target audience.

The Results:

    1. Topline Growth of 70% in 12 months
    2. Marketing costs slashed by 40%
    3. Profit increased to 30% EBITDA
    4. Sales targets exceeded by most sales personnel
    5. New business sales goals exceeded by all sales personnel
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