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Why Hiring More Salespeople Fails to
Deliver Growth

When companies have some success with their sales force delivering sales goals, they often consider the next step is to hire more people. Their thoughts being it will increase the top-line revenue and grow the business, which will become improved bottom-line results. Right?

Unfortunately, we see this approach repeated over and over again, and it leads to disappointment. A larger sales force does not always mean increased revenue. It certainly does not always mean improved bottom-line either. Salespeople are expensive to hire and require the proper management to deliver results. New hires test sales management’s ability in their talents of hiring and management. It tests their time management to add more people to the team. Your sales management style directly impacts the success of the growth plan. Hiring more salespeople is not always the right growth strategy for your company. In this eBook we look at the issues and what actions you need to be taken.

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