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How to Achieve Sales Growth in Tough Markets

Metaphor of Sales Growth in Tough Markets of Yacht

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Lean Sales Growth

 Companies can be faced with market challenges that will define their ability to survive. As markets slow, competitors increase, the question is ‘What steps should I take to ensure sales growth?’

Companies have long focused on the improvement of operational effectiveness and been overly reliant on the skill of some individuals within the company to drive sales and provide much-needed top-line revenue.

Those sales individuals are often prized members of the company have operated autonomously. They have relied on their industry experience, their networks of associates and the longevity of their relationships with customers to provide the support and structure to deliver results.

Meanwhile, CEOs focused on ‘other areas’ of the business as sales have been trusted to deliver. Often referred to as industry stalwarts, these people have led companies through changing markets while the CEO gave them the arms-length responsibility to deliver.

When a major shift in the market occurs, the lack of discipline and process within sales departments becomes a major barrier to responding to the markets.

This eBook outlines:

  • The changing dynamic you need to address within your company to address the shifting markets around you.
  • The impact on sales forces.
  • The five steps that need to be taken if you are to continue growing.
  • The Best Defence is to Be Prepared

This eBook provides the insight into the actions you need to take to achieve sales growth in tough markets.

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