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Understanding Marketing Automation
in a B2B Environment

 The marketing landscape has dramatically changed over the past decade. Just like modern selling, marketing is moving away from buying or begging for new customers and has shifted into a new paradigm of thinking. It is important to understand marketing automation as it becomes core to marketing functionality.

Historically marketing would seek to generate new business via the use of paid advertisements, direct mail, and other forms of paid advertising. These methods may still serve some purpose although with the changed buyer behaviour of consumers these methods have lost their effectiveness.

In the past, it was the job of the marketer and sales teams to push information proactively to potential customers, and use various tactics to encourage sales.

With the rise of the internet, consumer behaviour has dramatically changed. Once consumers, identify a need, problem or disparity with their current state of being, they will actively seek out information via the internet with the objective of solving their problem.

This problem resolution often will be solved via the purchase of a product or service.

This eBooks explains the considerations you need to have for understanding marketing automation to be effective.

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